Alberti Medaglie S.p.A., founded in 1919, has a worldwide position of excellence in the production of medals and similar items, with different manufacturing processes:

  • Cold stamping of metals
  • Chemical engraving (Etching) of metals
  • Silk-printing of metals.

The choice among different production systems allows many other possibilities for the presentation and the quality of the products, which means that the product is really “special” and personalized.

Once received the design or the lay-out (through the post, fax, e-mail) we start with the different manufacturing steps, from the sculpture to the finishing, and everything is made in our factory, without external works.

Brass is the mainly employed metal, but also zamak, copper, aluminium and nickeled iron are used. Alberti Medaglie is also authorized for the production of medals and other items in gold and silver metals.

Alberti Medaglie offers a large range of products and services and quality and fast deliveries all over the world..